23 | Overcoming Genetic Disease Through the Notion of Open Source: A Cultural Movement

Ali Mazaheri joins us on today's episode. Ali is currently the Chief Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center in Irvine, California, specializing in application development and open source software. He's spent the last 14 years at Microsoft in various customer facing technical roles, and spent his early career developing software in various industries including financial services and banking.  Ali has been writing code since the age of 19, and as you'll see, his love and passion for technology bleeds through both technically and philosophically through the talk. Ali is also a thought leader and technical contributor in bio medical industry and community, through his work with continuous glucose monitoring solutions, and we talk about the organizations and solutions that he helps to contribute to and represent, including NightScout, Tidepool, and Loop.

Ali, in every bit of his ethos, represents the current landscape of communal open source culture, where opportunities for interoperability, sharing vulnerabilities, learning from others, and contributing strengths in a pay it forward model, is helping him make meaningful impacts across to his customers, his community, and as you will hear, his family.