20 | Behavioral Analytics – Empowering Humans in the Age of Machine Intelligence

Today, Sawyer Kelly joins the discussion. Sawyer is currently a Workplace Analytics Consultant at Microsoft. If you haven't heard of workplace analytics, it is an analytics engine that runs on Microsoft's proprietary office 365 - that captures behavioral understanding of how people work in organizations - to help these organizations realize the bigger trends, to guide healthier and more productive workplace environments. Sawyer and his team, then take this data, and make recommendations for how organizations should change their cultures from meeting optimizations, to staffing models that limit off hour work times, all the way to cross department collaboration that drive additional creativity for the benefit of customers, business impact, and more distinctly, the protection of the businesses most important asset, it's people.

19 | Industry 4.0 - Part 2 - IoT, Business, and Overcoming the Challenges of Technological Change

Today, a conversation with Jeff Bennett. Jeff is an IoT Cloud Architect out of San Diego, California on the Global Black Belt Team at Microsoft. Jeff's a notable speaker and writer, a highly knowledgeable practitioner at the intersection of business and technology in the IoT space, and brings with him over 20 years of experience helping businesses overcome very specific challenges at the core to how they operate.

Jeff flexes his geek muscles throughout the talk with some great stories and advice for businesses that are struggling with planning, adoption, and strategies around how to plug in play across their bigger digital initiatives regarding IoT and beyond. We'll cover things from hybrid compute in the world of industrial and manufacturing, and how customers have now the option of deciding where to leverage their machine learning models (it doesn't have to be in their data center, in the vendor data center (the cloud), but possibly at the shop floor or at the location of interest itself - we call this, the EDGE. We talk about where the rubber meets the road with these complex IoT projects and how to get started (which is one of the toughest things about all of this, how/who/when to start) We focus on how to stay relevant as a technologist or visionary in the field, and discuss some things he's struggled with and overcome in his career and advice for others with similar experiences and goals.

18 | Healthier Human Experiences - Communicating with Calm, Clarity, and Kindness

Today's episode focuses on the life-cycle of creating healthier human experiences through communication, how to grow and maintain truly collaborative communication environments (especially with customers or clients), as well as the importance of mindfulness in a society that is becoming ever more digitally fatigued, and increasingly connected.

Connie Barnes, National Manager for Healthcare and Life Sciences - Enterprise Sales at Microsoft, joins us and discusses her mindset and perspective on how she communicates, listens, and invests in the moment as she leads, collaborates, and challenges colleagues and customers.

17 | Industry 4.0 - Part 1 - "Think Big, Start Small, Go Fast"

Today you'll be excited to hear that this is the first of a multi-part segment where we focus specifically on Industry 4.0, which is the emergence of a novel epoch in human productivity and innovation where cloud technology (so things like predictive maintenance of machines and IoT devices with computing power at the edge) and automation come together to augment the human worker. Most of the conversation will be around the digital transformation of manufacturers, specifically in the high tech space, so you can think about everything from semiconductors to automobiles, and the conversations go beyond to the applicability to process improvement.

Greg Vigil joins us today on the show, Greg is currently an Industry Solutions Director, leading a team of data scientists, solution architects, and business strategists within the manufacturing vertical at Microsoft, an enterprise customer facing organization. We cover everything from how manufacturers should be looking to harness their most valuable asset, data, to what it takes to go beyond the POC stage into developing production grade solutions at the shop floor level that meet process improvement goals.

16 | Maximization of Connectivity…And Culture

Nate Yohannes joins us from Microsoft. Nate is currently a Director of Business Development, within the Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Intelligent cloud group, focused specifically on Microsoft’s strategic relationships with mobile operators and business development in emerging markets. 

Nate brings with him an impressive perspective on the importance of connectivity (energy) to our society, and why tackling big challenges that accelerate internet access, both physically and financially, have been on the an integral focus point of the U.S. Federal Government, and also on the heart and mind of his team.

14 | Developing Products Through Purpose and Community | Tim Salau

Today's episode features Tim Salau, an extraordinarily gifted and hard-working community builder, Tim is currently a Product Manager at Microsoft in Redmond, and works with the Customer Care Intelligence team, developing AI powered bot frameworks, to help customer service oriented businesses create, deploy, and manage bots through a broad suite of services, tools, and platforms.

13 | Building Platforms for Courageous Inclusivity & Leadership | Ali Powell

Ali Powell joins us for today's chat. Ali is currently the General Manager of Customer Success at Microsoft, representing large enterprise customers in the Southwest. Ali has almost 14 years with the business, and we talk broadly about his team's charter for customer success and why it's so important in the emerging digital and innovation economy. We also go deeper on topics ranging from customer understanding and empathy, all the way to building diverse and inclusive teams and how to go about making contributions to solve the world's problems.

12 | Evangelizing the Next Era of Human Intelligence | Sara Nagy

Today's talk features Sara Nagy, an AI Evangelist at Microsoft, working with the Microsoft AI engineering team to help customers with their journey  to a greater future through these advanced technologies. You'll find in this episode, a very informative and highly energetic talk on topics ranging from how to be thoughtful about your career path, what people at the top level are concerned about in regards to the future of AI, and what is working to unblock some of these big challenges. With over 1200 speaking engagements under her belt, she also talks about how to be a successful speaker and deliver a great message, and finally we have some pieces on the true purpose of AI in developing human intelligence.

11 | No More Fiction - The Real Impact of AI On Business

A fascinating talk with Cecil Sunder, a hyper AI Business focused solutions leader at Microsoft, where we spend the majority of the time talking about the tactical and strategic approaches for deeper partnerships with big businesses, and how Artificial Intelligence is being leveraged today, to create seamless customer experiences and to accelerate products to market. You are in for a treat!

10 | Driving Dramatic Change: Re-framing Problems & Developing Culture in the Digital Era

Randy Holloway joined Microsoft in 2004, and brings with him deep experiences working with global businesses, and leading private cloud and public cloud specialty teams. Now, as the leader of the Intelligent Cloud solutions team in the Southwest, his focus is centered around helping customers transform, adopt solutions, and creating an internal culture that drives business outcomes. Randy has the look and feel of a true visionary, and his excitement around building technology that focuses on creating tremendous business impact, while also delivering novel business models, makes this episode a must listen!

9 | Understanding, Listening, & Empathy: The Path to a Digital Future

Today's chat features Arleen Abarquez, a digital advisor with Microsoft Digital - a customer facing team at Microsoft that helps big businesses re-invent themselves in the digital age.  Arleen brings with her 30 years of experience in the technology industry, and her ability to understand large and strategic initiatives central to how businesses operate, and her ability to help businesses see through to their digital vision & journey, are the focal points of her success.

8 | Accelerating to Higher Spaces of Development: Finding the "Awesome Minimum"

Alexandre Delarue, a Sr. Solution Architect on the Data & AI enterprise team at Microsoft, joins us for a deep conversation around unblocking seemingly impossible challenges, as fast as possible, and with as little resources as possible. In the ever evolving world of data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning, quick thinking, robust learning frameworks, and ambitious philosophies are the key to driving a business's competitive edge. Alex shares his secret sauce for high performance problem solving, the "Awesome Minimum".

7 | First Year at Microsoft: My Top 10 Learnings

Closing up an incredible first year at Microsoft, I take some time in this episode to share my top 10 learnings from the year. This is less a tech vignette and more what I've learned from peers, colleagues, leaders, and customers over the past 12 months. This is a great listen if you work in a big organization and strive to further develop your effectiveness with teams, increase your emotional IQ, or better understand your self development journey. Thanks for listening!

6 | Diversity & Tech: The Key to a Perceptive AI

Connie Fan, a data solution architect at Microsoft, joins us to share her experiences in the computer sciences, her journey as a female immigrant in a male dominated technology industry, and her perspective on the importance of diversity in this new era of AI. Some of the things we underscore in this episode: how homogeneous groups in AI programming are ultimately not good for business and for the world, how businesses should acquire high performance talent, and the importance of growth mindset in a dynamic field that is constantly changing.

5 | Why The Crypto Craze? The Real Business Cases for Blockchain

In this episode, Kevin Leffew, blockchain subject matter expert at Microsoft, joins us as we dive deep into the details about how blockchain is being used in businesses today, and what business leaders from operations to finance should be thinking about as they develop their digital strategy and continue to evolve organizations into data driven businesses. 

4 | Predicting AI: The Answer, the Dream, the Hype

With all the hype and buzz around machine cognition and artificial intelligence (AI), it's hard for business leaders to decide how to adopt AI, let alone plan to embrace it through technological and cultural change within the business. In this episode of The Data Binge Podcast,  Tony Abell, Data Solutions Architect for Microsoft, joins us to answer the tough questions around AI and what businesses should really be looking for as they prepare their digital strategies for a new era of technology.

2 | To PaaS, or Not to PaaS: Moving Your Data into the Right Neighborhood

Today we have Kirby Repko on the podcast, Kirby is such a great resource in the data base space, he's been helping our customers tremendously and he supports big businesses in the Data & AI solution area.

1 | The Evolution of the Data Platform

Derek Heckemeyer, Solution Specialist for Microsoft's enterprise data & Ai solution area, joins us on the podcast today to share his thoughts on how the landscape of how data is stored and utilized in big business, is fundamentally changing. Derek H. makes comments about the critical nature of how Microsoft's cloud, Azure, is allowing businesses to digitally transform, and why many customers are moving to an intelligent cloud intelligent edge mindset.