24 | Industry 4.0 - Part 3 - AI is the Defining Strategy for Manufacturing

Today, Wendy Bauer joins us on the podcast. Wendy currently leads the strategic activities for global business and go to market for manufacturing and resources, at Microsoft. The areas she covers would include: discreet manufacturing, process and chemical manufacturing, agrochemicals, power and utilities, oil and gas, and mining.

Wendy brings with her 20 years of experience in manufacturing and automotive, and has worked at all capacities of the heavy industry and manufacturing life cycle, from the shop floor, to product development, sales, finance, procurement, vehicle development, quality engineering and everything else you can probably imagine that makes a business run.

The big topics discussed will include everything from accelerating human ingenuity with inclusive technology, the tenants of ethical AI and the implications of sharing and creating principles that are widely adopted and designed for good, and the big disruptive forces that are impacting industry and manufacturing all around the globe.