21 | What Is Your AI Strategy? Helping Big Businesses Adopt a Data Driven Future


Priya Gore joins us on the show today. Priya is currently a Sales Lead for the Americas at Microsoft, on a global specialist team, the "Global Black Belt Team", and she's focused specifically around the domain of AI.

Today on the talk we dive quite deeply into some very core themes around how businesses should be thinking about their AI Strategy. The components that are involved in this process, from stakeholders, to builders, engineers and UI architects, within the system level, all the way down to the users. We talk about some key themes in AI such as unconscious bias, and how to mitigate risks and biases in the reasoning through data by thinking deeper about people and team building before getting too deep into the tech. We hover quite a bit around why there can't be an AI strategy without specific business challenges that it addresses, and what the process looks like behind developing a scope and remediating through fast failures with fast learnings. Finally, we talk about the future of education and parenting, and  we round out the conversation with real talk about, about us, the human species, and how to contribute to the betterment of each other.