17 | Industry 4.0 - Part 1 - "Think Big, Start Small, Go Fast"

Today you'll be excited to hear that this is the first of a multi-part segment where we focus specifically on Industry 4.0, which is the emergence of a novel epoch in human productivity and innovation where cloud technology (so things like predictive maintenance of machines and IoT devices with computing power at the edge) and automation come together to augment the human worker. Most of the conversation will be around the digital transformation of manufacturers, specifically in the high tech space, so you can think about everything from semiconductors to automobiles, and the conversations go beyond to the applicability to process improvement.

Greg Vigil joins us today on the show, Greg is currently an Industry Solutions Director, leading a team of data scientists, solution architects, and business strategists within the manufacturing vertical at Microsoft, an enterprise customer facing organization. We cover everything from how manufacturers should be looking to harness their most valuable asset, data, to what it takes to go beyond the POC stage into developing production grade solutions at the shop floor level that meet process improvement goals.